Guide to Compression Springs


1 Wire Diameter

2 Spring length

i) Free height
ii) Installed height
iii) Maximum operating height
iv) Solid height

3 Spring Diameter

i) Outside diameter if spring is to work in a hole
ii) Inside diameter if spring is to work over a rod

4 Style of End    wpe13.gif (2334 bytes)

i) Ends closed, but not ground
ii) Ends closed and ground
iii) Open ends

5 Number of Coils.

i) Number of working or active coils.
II) If closed ends are called for, add 1 coil for each end to allow for the flattening of the coils to arrive at total coils.

6 Loads.

Where possible give loads required at specific defections of the spring and specify tolerances acceptable.

7 Rate.

If a rate of load per unit of deflection is required, specify the deflection at which the loads are to be measured and give acceptable tolerances.

8 Direction of Winding.

Left or right hand. This may be expressed as clockwise or anti-clockwise and unless specified, will be considered optional.

9 Stress & Fatigue Life.

If known, specify these requirements. This information can be computed and supplied on request.

10 Scragging.

If required to reduce initial relaxation

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